• Virtue And Vice Neve 8026 Virtue And Vice Neve 8026
  • Virtue And Vice Neve 8026 Virtue And Vice Neve 8026
  • Virtue And Vice Neve 8026 Virtue And Vice Neve 8026
  • Virtue And Vice Neve 8026 Virtue And Vice Neve 8026
  • Virtue And Vice Live Room Virtue And Vice Live Room
  • Virtue And Vice Live Room Virtue And Vice Live Room
  • Virtue And Vice Live Room Virtue And Vice Live Room
  • Virtue And Vice Control Room Virtue And Vice Control Room
  • Virtue And Vice Yamaha C3 Virtue And Vice Yamaha C3

Virtue and Vice Studios is a recording studio located in South Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York.   Virtue and Vice Studios provides an environment that is comfortable and relaxed in order to allow maximum creativity.  The studio was built with the working musician in mind by music lovers.

We’ve worked in studios all over and have tried to take the best parts and put it into one place.  By putting the highest quality analog and digital equipment together so that getting a great sound is effortless and affordable.  Our large live room offers a 14 foot ceiling with lots of natural light.

The addition of our Vintage Neve 8026 console allows for the best possible sound for recording and mix down.  Clients are able to work completely in the analog world or a mix of both tape and digital.  We also work with equipment from; Neve, Neumann, Studer, Retro, AKG, Audio Technica, dbx, Calrec, Universal Audio, API, Emperical Labs, RCA, Drawmer, Otari, Octava, Shure, Scully and more…

We work hard at offering great instruments for our clients to be able to use on their projects.  From a Yamaha C3 grand piano, an original 70’s Mellotron 400, 4 Octave Jenco Celeste, Optigan, Hammond M3 Organ with Leslie cab, we have plenty of guitars and tube amps for a wide range of tones.

Our services include recording, mixing, mastering, and production.  With our engineers who are fast, efficient, and excited to get the best possible sound for your project.  We are determined to make our clients happy when they walk out the door.

So let’s make music!  Get in touch with us to inquire about rates and booking for your project.

Gear update:  Neve 8026 console has arrived.  Loaded with 24 1084s and 2 2254 compressors.  Come see for yourself!!!


Equipment and Instruments

-Neve 8026 8 Buss loaded with 24 1084’s and 2 2254 Compressors. 24 ch monitor section with 48 ch possible on mix down

-24 Channel Neve 5315 loaded with 33115’s

-Pro Tools HD5 running Pro Tools 10
-Aurora 16
-Aurora 8
-Apple Mac Pro 6 Core Hex 2.93 ghz Westmere 16GB and widescreen monitor

2 Track Recorders:
-Studer B67
-Otari MX5050
-Tascam DA-30MKII
-Panasonic SV-3800

Pres and EQs:
-24 Neve 1084’s
-2 Neve 1081’s
-24 Neve 33115’s
-2 Warm EQP-WA
-2 Blonder Tongue Audio Batons
-RCA Victor MI-12295 2×1 Mono Amplifier/Mixer
-2 Scully 280 preamps
-Tech 21 NYC Sansamp PSA-1

-Universal Audio La-2a
-Retro Sta Level
-UA 1176 Black Face
-1176 Blue Stripe
-API 2500
-2 Neve 33314a’s
-Focusrite Red 3
-Alan Smart C2
-2 Emperical Labs Distressor’s
-2 Calrec CL1170
-Drawmer 1968
-Valley People 430 Dyna-Mite
-dbx 160 VU
-2 dbx 161 VU
-2 dbx 160a
-2 dbx 160x
-2 Symetrix 501

-3 Neumann u87
-2 Neumann UM57 (tube)
-2 RCA 74b (ribbon)
-2 AKG 414 B-ULS
-AKG 414 EB
-AKG 214
-Peluso 22 251 (tube)
-2 Audio Technica 4050
-2 Neumann km184
-Warm WA-47 (tube)
-Sennheiser MD441
-3 Sennheiser MD421
-2 Electro Voice 635a
-4 Oktava MK-012
-2 Rhode NT5
-RCA MI-6206
-Altec 633 “salt shaker”
-2 Shure Sm7b
-Shure Beta52
-3 Shure sm57’s
-1 Shure sm57 modded Transformerless
-3 Shure sm58’s
-Shure sm82
-Electro Voice EV RE-20
-Electro Voice EV RE-10
-AKG D112
-Audix i5
-Audix D6
-2 Audix D2
-Audix D4
-2 Royer 121 (ribbon)
-2 Cascade Fatheads (ribbon)
-MXL Genesis (tube)
-Audio Technica AT871R (boundary)
-CAD Trion 7000 (ribbon)
-2 Coles 4038 (ribbon)*rental*
-Wunder CM7 (tube)*rental*

-NS10’s powered by Yamaha P2200
-JBL LSR6328P’s

Time Based:
-Yamaha SPX90
-Yamaha D1500
-Roland Space Echo 201
-Custom Spring Reverb

-Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
-Mellotron 400 (16violons, Male/Female Choir, 3 Strings)
-Optigan with tons of discs.
-Jenco 4 Octave Celeste
-Hammond M3 with Leslie cab
-Wurlitzer 206
-Fender Rhodes 73 Suitcase
-1925 Estey Pump Organ
-Baldwin Fun Machine
-Magnus Chord Organ
-Childs Toy Piano
-Casio Privia Fully Weighted Keyboard
-25 key usb controller

-Leslie 670 cab with Trek II preamp
-Vox AC30
-Orange Dark Terror
-Orange Rockerverb 50
-Mesa Boogie Express 525
-Fender Super Reverb (silver face)
-Fender Blues Jr
-Fender Concert
-Fender Champ 10r(tube)
-Fender Frontman 25r
-Silvertone Model 1333
-Pignose 7-100
-Marshall 1960a
-Marshall 1960b
-Gallien-Krueger MB150
-Acoustic B20
-Ampeg Micro VR
-Fender Tex Mex Telecaster
-Fender Jazz Bass ’62 reissue
-DW Performance Series kit with 24″ kick, 12 and 16″ toms
-60s Gretsch Round Badge 22″ kick, 13 and 16″ toms
-Ludwig Acrolite 5×14″
-DW Collector Series 6.5×14″
-Tama Rockstar 6.5×14″
-DW Performance Series 6.5×13″
-Goltone 5×14″
-and many more pedals and percussion toys… *PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CYMBALS*

Cue System:
-Behringer Powerplay 16 system with 6 monitor boxes



Recording-Our equipment for tracking is some of the most sought after in the recording industry.  Choose to record to analog tape or have a pristine digital version of your project. At our studio you will find classic mic pre-amps, microphones for every situation and some extremely rare instruments.  You are sure to create something that sounds absolutely unique for your project.  We’ve got a wide range of rare keyboards, guitars, amplifiers, and pedals to create the tone that is needed. We have multiple drum kits available, and they can be reserved for your session.  From drum tracking to the final overdub for a record, Virtue and Vice Studios has everything you could need.

Mixing-At Virtue and Vice we specialize in mixing.  The heart of our sound comes from our 24 channel Vintage Neve console loaded with 33115 modules.  Give everyone of your tracks the classic Neve sound and print to analog tape.  With a blend of great plug-ins and outboard gear we are able to achieve more than a blend of tracks, but rather an exciting mix that captures the listener immediately.

Stem Mixing/Remote Mixing-If you are mixing your tracks at home and are looking to improve the over all sound on a budget then send us your stems(Stereo sets of drums, bass, guitars, strings, vocals, ect).  We can run your stems through the Neve console and print to analog tape with our Studer tape machine.  At a fraction of the cost of mixing and you will hear an improvement right away.  Better yet, you don’t have to live in New York to take advantage of this service.

Production-The engineers at Virtue and Vice are experienced producers themselves who create music constantly.  We create high end commercial quality records with an incredible sound every time.  We have close relationships with some of the best session players in town.  We can help arrange getting these players to work on your record.  Since every artist and production gig is unique please inquire about getting your project to be produced at Virtue and Vice studios.

Analog Tape Transfers– If you are looking to archive your analog tape into digital world we have a wide range of analog formats. The following formats are available: Quarter inch stereo at 7.5, 15 and 30 IPS, Two inch tape as 24 track as well as 16 track at 15 and 30 IPS. Finally a one inch 8 track at 15 and 30 IPS.

  • Virtue And Vice Mellotron Virtue And Vice Mellotron
  • Virtue And Vice Jenco 4 Octave Celeste Virtue And Vice Jenco 4 Octave Celeste
  • Virtue And Vice Optigan Virtue And Vice Optigan
  • Virtue And Vice Yamaha C3 Grand Piano Virtue And Vice Yamaha C3 Grand Piano
  • Virtue And Vice Wurlitzer Virtue And Vice Wurlitzer
  • Virtue And Vice Baldwin Fun Machine Virtue And Vice Baldwin Fun Machine
  • Virtue And Vice Esty Pump Organ Virtue And Vice Esty Pump Organ

Client/Artist Project Title
John Legend Once Again Engineer
Satellite Party Ultra Payloaded Engineer
Carrie Underwood Engineer
Neyo Engineer
Cigarettes After Sex Affection, Cigarettes After Sex Engineer
Estelle Shine Engineer
Ice Cube Engineer
Gavin DeGraw Engineer
Jon Bon Jovi Love Song to the Earth Engineer
Warren Haynes Engineer
Chrisette Michele I Am, Epiphany Engineer
Norah Jones Engineer
Jakob Dylan Here Comes Now Engineer
Common Engineer
KRS1 Engineer
Cat Power How Can I Tell You Engineer
Tycho Epoch Engineer
The XX KEXP Engineer
Jazmine Sullivan Love Me Back Engineer
Ledisi Pieces Of Me Engineer
Angela Johnson Naturally Me Engineer
Brand Newbians Engineer
Rich Boy Break The Pot Engineer
Matt and Kim KEXP Engineer
Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap Engineer
Fabulous Engineer
Andrew Bird Norman film score Engineer
The Cult Choice Of Weapon Engineer
Kevin Devine KEXP Engineer
Jerimih Engineer
Susan Cagle The Subway Recordings, Shakespeare Engineer
Phosphorescent KEXP Engineer
Bishop Allen Engineer
Peter Bjorn and John Engineer
…Trail of the Dead KEXP Engineer
Fiery Furnaces KEXP Engineer
John Gallagher Jr. Six Day Hurricane Engineer
Lucky Chops Walter Engineer
Jon The Martyr Engineer
Phenominal Hanclap Band KEXP Engineer
Black Angles KEXP Engineer
Heavy Trash KEXP Engineer
Hali Hicks Can’t Hide Country Producer/Engineer
Yeasayer KEXP Engineer
Lewis Copeland Roots Producer/Engineer
Arpline KEXP Engineer
The Raveonettes KEXP Engineer
The Union Line Engineer
The Soft Black KEXP Engineer
Zaza KEXP Engineer
Chief Engineer
Phantogram KEXP Engineer
Rubik Engineer
Deastro Engineer
Sisters Engineer
Smoosh KEXP Engineer
The Blakes Engineer
Temper Trap KEXP Engineer
Surf City Engineer
Cymbals Eat Guitars KEXP Engineer
Schwayze Engineer
Shoutout Louds KEXP Engineer
We Were Promised Jetpacks KEXP Engineer
Robbers on High Street Engineer
The Killers Engineer
Augustine’s KEXP Engineer
Tanlines KEXP Engineer
Ryan Cabrerra Engineer
PitBull Engineer
Beacon Engineer
Jim Jones Engineer
Spirit Animal World War IV, Regular World Producer/Engineer
Tokyo Police Club Melon Collie and The Infinite Radness Engineer
Marco With Love Smothered n Covered, Promise Land, Tidal Wave Producer/Engineer
Lez Zeppelin Lez Zeppelin Engineer
The Gold Magnolias The Gold Magnolias, Sail on Glamdog Producer/Engineer
DJ Spinna Engineer
The Lady Bugs The Lady Bugs Engineer
Lolo Engineer
The Stationary Set Engineer
The Blackfires Engineer
St. Leonards St. Leonards, Best Part Of Me, World Alone Producer/Engineer
Chk Chk Chk Engineer
Mayve Animals Producer/Engineer
Pop Ect Souvenir Engineer
K’Naan Engineer
Robert Randolph Engineer
Travis Barker Engineer
Mos Def The Recession Mixtape Engineer
Stella Star Engineer
The Hold Steady Engineer
Pharaoh Monch Desire Engineer
Shine Down Engineer
Ying Yang Twins Engineer
Neon Indian KEXP Engineer
Black Angels KEXP Engineer
Lil’ John Engineer
Isabelle Cambell Engineer
Kerli Engineer
KaySlay Engineer
Sean Kingston Engineer
Idina Menzell Engineer
Kaki King Engineer
We Are Scientists KEXP Engineer
The Suckers KEXP Engineer
Remy Martin Engineer
Seether Engineer
Clientele Engineer
Travis Engineer
Russel Simons Engineer
Jayhawks Engineer
Sky Ferreira Engineer
Papoose The Nacirema Dream Engineer
Kieron Leonard & the Horses Engineer
River Raid Engineer
Bottle Up and Go Engineer
We Landed on the Moon Engineer
Maika Engineer
Jean Grae Engineer
Dinosaur Feathers Engineer
Talib Kweli The Beautiful Struggle, Ear Drum Engineer
Particle Engineer
Tony Yayo Engineer
Kool Keith Engineer
Adina Howard Engineer
Rae Kwan Engineer
Death Row Records Engineer
Wildbirds and Peace Drums Engineer
Mimiking Birds Engineer
King Reign Engineer
DJ Logic Engineer
Idris Elba Engineer
CL Smooth Engineer
Ben Taylor Engineer
Submerced Engineer
Tony Sunshine Engineer
Suge Knight Engineer
Bekay Phazed Out Engineer
The League Engineer
Jr Reed Engineer
Rhett Miller Band Engineer
Yela Wolf Trunk Muzik 0-60 Engineer
The Kins Engineer
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson Engineer
Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran Engineer
Ashley Hamilton Engineer
Hub of The Roots Engineer
Nina Persson of The Cardigans Engineer
Bang Bang Eche Engineer
Jr Writer Engineer
Mountain Goats Engineer
Big Pink Engineer
Brukina Electric Engineer
Occidental Brothers Engineer
Eli “Paper Boy” Reed Engineer
Idris Elba Engineer
Yuna Engineer
Hooray For Earth Engineer
Rogue Diplomats Engineer
Borrowed Eyes Whiskey Picnic Engineer
Cerebral Ballzy Engineer
Gold Magnolias Gold Magnolias, Sail On Glamdog Producer/Engineer
Heidi Guardian Producer/Engineer
Lauren Marcus Never Really Done With You Engineer
Issac Strycker Half This Love Producer/Engineer
The Tumble Almanac Engineer
Ben Talmi Play Engineer
Aurelio Martinez Engineer
Nature Boy Nature Boy, The Sweep, Only No One Engineer
The Corsets Monta Sanica Engineer
Johann No Prisoners Producer/Engineer
Richard Melitic Engineer
Lily Holbrook Through the Smoke Screen Producer/Engineer
Matthew Crosby Engineer
Jim Wolf Sleeping With Strangers Producer/Engineer
Art Decade Producer/Engineer
Bullet Proof Messenger Arm Yourself Producer/Engineer
Amelia Robinson The Space Between, Everyone Together Now! Producer/Engineer
O Solo Engineer
Pretty Ricky Late Night Special 2nd Engineer
Atom Strange The Lost Cosmonauts Engineer
Perry Farrell Mixing Ultra Payloaded Engineer
Will Smith Lost and Found 2nd Engineer
John McLaughlin Industrial Zen 2nd Engineer
Dennis Chambers Industrial Zen 2nd Engineer
Mid West City Engineer
Carly Simon Moonlight Serenade 2nd Engineer
Matt Butler Just One Engineer
The Game 2nd Engineer
Lil Scrappy 2nd Engineer
Track Masters Engineer
PHWG The Observer Engineer
Gregg Alexander 2nd Engineer
Savion Glover 2nd Engineer
Deborah Cox Mixing 2nd Engineer
Fanatic Mixing 2nd Engineer
Esthero 2nd Engineer
Late Night Cable Producer/Engineer
Beatnuts Full Album: “Milk Me” 2nd Engineer
MOP Mash Out Posse 2nd Engineer
Fat Joe 2nd Engineer
Tony Touch 2nd Engineer
Julia Mattison Producer/Engineer
Soma Voices Producer/Engineer
Alana Stewart Mastering Engineer
Okno Mined Mastering Engineer
DJ Green Lantern 2nd Engineer
Rockstar Games 2nd Engineer
Jeep Producer/Engineer
Divining Rod EP Producer/Engineer
Dead Sands Centuries I,Centuries II,Centuries III, Producer/Engineer
Daniel Mustard Producer/Engineer
Nitty Scott Engineer
Rah Digga Engineer
Lil Mo 2nd Engineer
Hi Tek 2nd Engineer
Dave Monks All Signs Point To Yes Engineer
Cormega 2nd Engineer
AZ 2nd Engineer
The Future Heads 2nd Engineer
Sound Track of Our Lives Engineer
Richard Miletics Engineer
33 Hz 2nd Engineer
Orange Park Songs From The Unknown 2nd Engineer
Cheryl B Englehardt Shoes Off and Run 2nd Engineer
The Funk On Me 2nd Engineer
Reach 2nd Engineer
Trevor Pryce 2nd Engineer
Blue Sun Yu-Gi-Oh!:The Movie 2nd Engineer
Rubikon The Hollow Men 2nd Engineer
Night Vision Engineer
Freddy Hall Wander Years,Nothing In The Open Producer/Engineer
Bamboo Kids Engineer
Christian Burns 2nd Engineer
Katie Neils 2nd Engineer
Yarba Buena 2nd Engineer
Echoing August Morning Sometimes Maybe Producer/Engineer
Momentum Producer/Engineer
The Answers Producer/Engineer
Steep Grade Funk Machine Producer/Engineer
Posta Boy Engineer
Count the Stars 2nd Engineer


Stem Mixing


If you are mixing at home get a better quality sound by running your mix through our vintage Neve console. We have high end converters and can print to analog tape on our classic Studer tape machine.

Save on studio costs by mixing yourself but then gain the benefits of running your tracks through great analog equipment.

Just upload us your stems(Drums, Bass, Guitars, Vocals, ect.) and we will put it through our console(send up to 12 total stems, 24 Ch board). You will notice a huge difference in tone and stereo width immediately!!

Instrumental and other addition passes can be created for an additional charge.

Only $55 a song! We discount for multiple songs.




Franklin Ave between Flushing and Park
Brooklyn, NY 11205

We are located in the South Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Close trains are the G, JMZ including the B62 and B48 bus routes.  A Citibike station is also a block away.

We do have private parking available.  Please let us know if you intend to drive to your session.

Phone: 917. 640. 1473
Email: VirtueAndViceStudios@gmail.com




-All days are based on a 10 hours and any time over the 10 hours will be billed at an hourly rate. There is a 4 hour minimum for all bookings.

– To secure a booking, we require a minimum deposit of 50% of all booked time. No new session will be booked without a deposit.  This deposit will be credited towards the services you receive.  All deposits are non-refundable.  Dates can be moved 7 days before the session.  Balances are to be paid in full at the end of the session.  Any and all media will not be release until payment is made.

– Billing for sessions start ON TIME. Be properly prepared by planning on arriving 15 minutes early, or call ahead to potentially arrive earlier. Billing for studio time begins promptly at the scheduled time, regardless if the client is present.

– All setup time will be billed as regular studio time. This includes: load-in and instrument setup, microphone placement, level setting, data backup, CD burning, etc.

– All mixes, CD-R’s, Hard Drives, Master Tapes, etc. shall remain the property of the studio until all invoices are paid in full.  Rough mixes will not be sent unless payment has been made.

– Payments can be made in person in cash or Paypal. Checks are only accepted for deposits on sessions, and the booking will only occur once the check has cleared. Checks will not be accepted at the end of the session.