Winter Update 2015

Lots of new wonderful things have happened over the winter.  We added a beautiful Yamaha C3 grand  piano to the live room and a Wurlitzer 140 to the keyboard collection.  A Shure Level Loc m62v,  Shure Audio Master m63, and Tech 21 NYC Sansamp PSA-1 have been added to the racks as well.

Tokyo Police Club joined us to begin recording new songs and they absolutely rock!  Pop Ect came back to the studio to work on more songs for their upcoming release.  Our good friend Lolo came in for a few in studio performances.  The Ladybugs recorded a full length album of jazz standards.  Brass band Lucky Chops knocked out their record live all at once then mixed here.  We’ve had the Mild Things finish recording for their full length.  Another EP was finished with Marco with Love and landed a placement in a Fossil commercial.  Producer Danny Kalb worked on the Dreamers new record.  Lorenzo Wolff brought in the Holt Brothers to track the band live for their upcoming release. Thad Debrocks Organ Trio tracked their full length album and are set to mix in the spring.  The Benjees tracked and mixed a full length record.

Australian band St. Leonards came to the studio to track out a new upcoming record and is set for release this year.  Local group Sunshine finished their full length as well.  Also Gloves recorded and mixed an EP.

Mixing for Gregg Lennox, The Gold Magnolias, Meghan Wright, Spirit Animal, Stella Never Sleeps, The BlackFires and more also kept us happily busy.

Filming for a new web series “Brooklyn Sound” written by Julia Mattison as well as a Morgan Spurlock production about the music industry were highlights.

Looking forward to more great bands for the rest of the year!

Live In Studios by The Wild Honey Pie

Summer Update

It’s been heating up here at the studio. We are firing on all cylinders at this point. Some truly special projects have started and more people are booking for the records in the future.

We’ve been happy to welcome David Monks of Tokyo Police Club working on his next solo record. The guys at The Wild Honey Pie have done live in studios with Boy and Bear, Fanfarlo and +/-. The content is expected to be out shortly.

The group Arms recorded an album with producer engineer Jason Finkel under Paper Garden Records. Andy Marcinkowski brought the band Apple Blossoms to begin their new record. Angela Johnson mixed her full length soul record with Rocky Gallo engineering. Long Island band Mayve spent a week in the studio wrapping up their first pop/rock EP. The Kings English, California band, mixed a 3 song EP. Writer/Producer Chris Chu was in working on his project Pop Etc as well as producing songs for other artists. Spirit Animal, Marco with Love, Fore, and many others continue their on going projects with us.

Stay tuned to see what the rest of the year has to offer.  Join us and come make a record!!

Spring Update

The new studio space has been treating us well.  We’ve had a ton of great talent into the studio in the past few months starting off their projects.  Amy Lee of Evenescence was tracking basics for an upcoming film placement.  Also the following bands have started working or continued working on their next record at the new space; Spirit Animal, Motive, The Gold Magnolias, Samantha, Marco with Love, Sick Feelings, Wise Eyes, Torres, Michael Cerveris, The Lisps, The Dirty Projectors and many more.

Live in studios have been happening in the space as well and will soon be released.  We’re very excited to be up and running and having everything sounding as wonderful as we hoped.  Lots of upgrades and more audio toys are to come.

Contact us and schedule a session for your project.  We can’t wait to have you.

Winter 2013 Update

On top of many great records and sessions that have happened over the last few months the main focus has been a NEW STUDIO BUILD! A new 2000 square foot multi-room facility that will be able to handle everything we couldn’t do before. Full live band tracking and a great piano!!! We are ready to record starting January 2014 in the new space that is located in Southern Williamsburg. Pictures and new equipment will be updated as soon as we can.

Contact us now to secure sessions for the New Year to come!!

Thank you for all the suport and work in 2013. The future looks bright.

Summer Update

Here are some of the following projects we’ve been working on; long time friends and first record put through our Neve console Natureboy released their record with great reviews already, a double full length musical called LIZZIE, Art Decade’s new upcoming record, Atom Strange’s full length, a few singles by Australian band St. Leonards, Marco Argiro’s rock record, working on The Killing Floors upcoming EP and lots of stuff in between.

Not much time to enjoy the summer but loving all the great music happening.

And with a lot of work comes a good amount of gear updates…

A great working Optigan organ made by Mattel in the 70’s.  It works off optical discs, which are like floppy clear vinyl records. Sounds even cooler than it sounds. We have 12 discs as of now in great condition but we will be adding as many as possible to the collection quickly.

Traded in our 150 Space Echo for a 201 with a spring reverb. A classic Sennheiser MD441 goes into the mic locker. A much needed acoustic guitar is now a standard at the studio. No firing up an amp or keyboard to work out vocal harmonies. Annnnd for the absolute tweekers, the NS10s have been updated with Mundorf capacitors.

More Coming Soon…

Winter Update

Thank god for the Neve console to keep us warm this winter!  Here is an update of what’s been happening at the studio the last few months.

To start off the new season we have made a few equipment upgrades that have helped make our recordings even better.  The addition of a Studer B67 tape machine has allowed us to final print every project affordably to analog tape!  A great friend has also been storing his Tama drum set here permanently for us to rock on.  Also with a 1920’s antique Estey pump organ, a Magnus chord organ and analog vocoder has been put into the racks as well.  Last thing was the addition of around 10 classic guitar pedals to get even cooler guitar sounds! 2 Big Muffs!!!

Here are some of the projects that have been happening at the studio the last few months:

Ralph Lauren choose VnV to capture the music for their holiday collection promo video which you can see here.  It was a thrill to make something sound so retro.

Hip Hop artist Blu spent some time tracking songs for an upcoming EP and Rocky will be working on the mixes in the future.

Lorenzo Wolff completed his first full length record and printed it all to the Studer being the first full record to do so.  It truly sounds incredible!

Scott Syler has been knocking out single after single for release the past few months and we’re set to be doing more in the future.

Lots of mixes done for the following artist’s as well; Rah Digga, The Outrights, The Killing Floor, Night Vision, PHWG and many more.

A big thanks to all the freelancers that have chosen to make our studio the place they record their clients music!  Hope to see you guys in here soon.



Fall Update

Our fall has been very busy with some incredible projects and the discovery of a new restaurant to get burritos from!

Tony award winning John Gallagher Jr. weathered the week of storm Sandy cutting his new record which will be released some time next year. Thad DeBrock was producing and playing guitars with Rocky engineering.

Our great friend Lorenzo Wolff, an a amazing session bass player has started his own record here with us. Also with Thad DeBrock playing guitars and pedal steel.

Hip-Hop artist Scott Syler is also back in the studio working on new tracks for songs he will release each month.

Funk/Rock band Steep Grade mixed a full length record with Rocky on the Neve console. The record has been sent to mastering and will release in December.

Australian rock band St. Leonards chose Virtue and Vice to spent a week tracking new songs that are set to be placed on TV shows in the next few months. Shane(lead singer/writer) happened to also be a master of Space Echos and gave ours a complete overhaul and it sounds better than ever!

Many many other great sessions happened and we will update on them soon as well! Check in soon for more updates.

Julia Mattison’s Instagram Parody song

The INSTAGRAM Song (Put A Filter On Me)

Produced by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo and Thad DeBrock at Virtue And Vice studios.  Video is pretty much  viral at this point.  

August Update

Tons of mixing and production sessions for August.

Julia Mattison is almost finishing her record with Thad Debrock and Rocky producing. Coming along quite nice and is set to be released late fall.

Indie rock band Weird Rivers spent a few days working on new material with Dara Hirsh engineering and producing.

Rocky finished his second full length record for Lewis Copeland who is Nashville based. A blend of rock and alt country, Rocky and Lewis started the record at Sony in Nashville then completed the record at Virtue and Vice.

The Killing Floor started working on new songs with Rocky. Tracking guitars and cutting vocals for 3 tunes that will be on an upcoming record.

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