Daniel Mustard Live Video Shoot


We started filming live performances at the studio!

July Studio Update

It has been a very busy summer luckily for us here. Here is what we have been up to.

A small little band named Yeasayer came through for a photo shoot for Wired magazine. Photos of the band with the Mellotron 400 to highlight the instrument they used on their new upcoming record. Check out the Spt of Wired to check out the shots of the band in the studio.

Local band Vensaire was working with Scott Colburn(Animal Collective, Arcade Fire) working on their record “Predix”. Dara Hirsch was second engineering along with Scott and says its an incredible record so check it out.

Julia Mattison, lead of Godspell, is working on a Xmas record. I know already?! Rocky and Thad Debrock are producing the all original comedy Xmas record. There have been a lot of Christmas lights and warm alcoholic drinks to help get us in the mood.

Soma, heavy rock band from Long Island, is wrapping their record with final mixes. Rocky is at the helm Producing and mixing and it is sounding killer!

Daniel Mustard has been in and out of the studio working on his project and looking for backing on kickstarter. Danny has an incredibly powerful voice and is worth checking out.

Along with a bunch of recording, mixing, and mastering with many others have kept our summer tans less than ideal but we love to make music too!

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