Lots of new wonderful things have happened over the winter.  We added a beautiful Yamaha C3 grand  piano to the live room and a Wurlitzer 140 to the keyboard collection.  A Shure Level Loc m62v,  Shure Audio Master m63, and Tech 21 NYC Sansamp PSA-1 have been added to the racks as well.

Tokyo Police Club joined us to begin recording new songs and they absolutely rock!  Pop Ect came back to the studio to work on more songs for their upcoming release.  Our good friend Lolo came in for a few in studio performances.  The Ladybugs recorded a full length album of jazz standards.  Brass band Lucky Chops knocked out their record live all at once then mixed here.  We’ve had the Mild Things finish recording for their full length.  Another EP was finished with Marco with Love and landed a placement in a Fossil commercial.  Producer Danny Kalb worked on the Dreamers new record.  Lorenzo Wolff brought in the Holt Brothers to track the band live for their upcoming release. Thad Debrocks Organ Trio tracked their full length album and are set to mix in the spring.  The Benjees tracked and mixed a full length record.

Australian band St. Leonards came to the studio to track out a new upcoming record and is set for release this year.  Local group Sunshine finished their full length as well.  Also Gloves recorded and mixed an EP.

Mixing for Gregg Lennox, The Gold Magnolias, Meghan Wright, Spirit Animal, Stella Never Sleeps, The BlackFires and more also kept us happily busy.

Filming for a new web series “Brooklyn Sound” written by Julia Mattison as well as a Morgan Spurlock production about the music industry were highlights.

Looking forward to more great bands for the rest of the year!