Thank god for the Neve console to keep us warm this winter!  Here is an update of what’s been happening at the studio the last few months.

To start off the new season we have made a few equipment upgrades that have helped make our recordings even better.  The addition of a Studer B67 tape machine has allowed us to final print every project affordably to analog tape!  A great friend has also been storing his Tama drum set here permanently for us to rock on.  Also with a 1920’s antique Estey pump organ, a Magnus chord organ and analog vocoder has been put into the racks as well.  Last thing was the addition of around 10 classic guitar pedals to get even cooler guitar sounds! 2 Big Muffs!!!

Here are some of the projects that have been happening at the studio the last few months:

Ralph Lauren choose VnV to capture the music for their holiday collection promo video which you can see here.  It was a thrill to make something sound so retro.

Hip Hop artist Blu spent some time tracking songs for an upcoming EP and Rocky will be working on the mixes in the future.

Lorenzo Wolff completed his first full length record and printed it all to the Studer being the first full record to do so.  It truly sounds incredible!

Scott Syler has been knocking out single after single for release the past few months and we’re set to be doing more in the future.

Lots of mixes done for the following artist’s as well; Rah Digga, The Outrights, The Killing Floor, Night Vision, PHWG and many more.

A big thanks to all the freelancers that have chosen to make our studio the place they record their clients music!  Hope to see you guys in here soon.